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Leadership Team Profile

Riccardo Ferrante

Associate Director
Information Systems, Digital Lifecycle & User Experience

What do you do?

Watch over and preserve the Archives’ digital treasures, both the ones that were born that way and the ones that were digitized later on. I spend a good amount of time thinking up new ways for people to learn about and use our collections online.

Favorite spot in DC to recommend to visitors:

Gosh that’s a tough one with so much to choose from. My absolute top, the Renwick Gallery. I’ve been fascinated with handmade creations since age 8 and the Renwick, a gorgeous building itself, showcases exceptional pieces of craft and decorative art. On the Mall, the U.S. Botanic Garden makes a peaceful break from the crowds in the museums. And of course, any place that serves coffee.

Collection favorite:

The more I work with our collections, the more my favorite object changes. Right now, I'm having difficulty deciding between