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The Bailey Family Endowment

Juliane K. Bailey created the Bailey Family endowment in 2005 to support the Libraries at the discretion of the Director. Juliane K. Bailey, an emeritus Smithsonian Libraries Advisory Board Member, established this fund to support the mission of the Libraries to diffuse and increase knowledge. “As a former Smithsonian Libraries board member, I was honored to get a look up close at the extraordinary scholarly resource the Smithsonian Libraries represents,” says J

These funds are disbursed annually to ensure that the Smithsonian Libraries remains a strong and indispensable resource for generations to come. One way that the Bailey Family Endowment has achieved this is by investing in Smithsonian Libraries’ staff professional development so they are able to stay abreast in their field and are supported in delivering excellent services to our community of researchers, scholars, and students. Julie says “The Smithsonian Libraries staff impressed me deeply with their hard work and commitment to ensuring the preservation and broad distribution of the rare books they steward.  An endowment seemed an appropriate way of expressing our gratitude for their dedication.”

The Libraries increasingly serves a broader audience of students and other members of the public on a quest for knowledge. To these communities, the Smithsonian Libraries constitutes a wealth of resources and expertise that cannot be found anywhere else. “The Smithsonian Libraries are truly a National Treasure,” says Julie.

“After attending the American Library Association Annual Conference in Chicago, I feel re-connected, refreshed, and energized with the profession of Librarianship and Information Management.  I have learned new ways to stay up to date with my skills, while at the same time dusting off the cobwebs of my mind about some other aspects of work in librarianship and information management that are not part of my usual, normal daily duties.

Attending the Conference allowed me to see the trends affecting libraries today and hear what projects my colleagues at other organizations and institutions are up to.  It gives me a benchmark to see how I am personally doing professionally, and challenges me to stay current and to do my part to ensure the Smithsonian Libraries continue along the path of success and relevance.”

Thomas Lynch, Technical Information Specialist
Museum Support Center